Newyddion S4C

About us

S4C’s digital news service is a new voice for news in Wales.

On this site you will find original news stories in digital form produced by S4C journalists, and in partnership with Golwg, ITV Cymru Wales and BBC Cymru Wales, stories from a variety of sources to bring you the best of Welsh news all in one place.

News is vitally important to S4C as a public service broadcaster.

This service will bring you the latest news wherever you are, whenever the story breaks. Alongside our TV news programme Newyddion S4C, we are now able to provide a comprehensive multi-platform news service in the Welsh language.

Diversity and plurality is at the heart of the service.

We will bring you stories from all parts of Wales, reporting on issues which affect you and your community. In partnership with some of S4C’s programmes, we will cover politics, health, education, agriculture, current affairs, sport and weather. This service will provide a platform for a variety of voices, faces and viewpoints.

NS4C. S4C’s digital news. Welsh news in your pocket.

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